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Mowei participated in the the 15th Shanghai Industry Intelligent Equipment Exhibition On Mar7-10, 2018

March 10 the 15th Shanghai Industry Intelligent Equipment Exhibition is held in Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center, come to a successful close. The exhibition is the only national in China, and Asia’s largest international and professional intelligent equipment exhibition. There are more than 1300 exhibitors from around the world, and the display area up to 70000 square meters, which has attracted 120000 professional audiences to visit.

Mowei Technology carefully prepared, with a superb level of technology, high-performance, once again becomes a major highlight in this exhibition. Our high-quality products have attracted many domestic and international businessmen gathered to watch and consultation to discuss. Especially Six-Axles Intelligent Omnidirectional Collaborative Robot, takes advantage of the Mecanum wheels and six-axles manipulator, which move omnidirectionally and manipulate accurately. This could replace the more and more expensive labour cost, meanwhile continously work 24 hours a day thus improves work efficiency and product quality. This robot  also shows big advantages when  working in the poor and high-risk working environments such as high-dust, radioactive, and  poisonous gas. It also can do clinical operations.

Many Buyers brought the technical problems encountered in processing the scene, after Mowei high-quality engineers, technical guidance and process optimization, a number of great customer satisfaction, the site reached purchases intentions.

    Mowei has implemented the strategic 4.0 intelligent industries. Well-developed flow process strictly followed the ISO9000, ISO13485 and ISO16949 guidance, has been implemented throughout the whole production process to ensure the quality of products.

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