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Mowei Omnidirectional Forklift

Product Overview

The space in one of Mowei's customer's warehouse is limited, which makes the goods transfering by using the traditional forklifts very effort and  time-consuming.  By taking advantage of Mowei's omnidirectional forklift, it breaks through the way of the traditional vehicle movement and can accurately move in any directions. It has high handing efficiency, high throughput per unit time, can tremendously improve the storage rate and utilization efficiency for warehouses and cargo compartments. Taking advantage of 4×4 electric drive technology, this platform can carry more heavy load but still drive stably. The braking system jointing mechanical and electrical systems possesses a fast braking efficiency and strong slope parking ability.

Different from the traditional forklift control mode, computer X - by – Y control has been employed in our system. The friendly human-machine interface makes users control the platform easily and comfortably.

    Mowei has implemented the strategic 4.0 intelligent industries. Well-developed flow process strictly followed the ISO9000, ISO13485 and ISO16949 guidance, has been implemented throughout the whole production process to ensure the quality of products.

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