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Intelligent omnidirectional 10m Mobile Lift


The  omnidirectional elevated platform is designed for an electrical company in Jiangsu Province, where their plant and machinery are usually heavy and in large size. Thus the  inspection and maintenance procedure is laboursome, time-consuming and with high accident rate. We specially designed this product based on customer’s requirement. Take advantage of  Mecanum wheels, this AGV can achieve a turn with zero radius and fully 360 degree free movements in the autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance mode. The maximum height this platform can be elevated is 10 meters. With the help of our product, this process can be easy and time-saving.



    Mowei has implemented the strategic 4.0 intelligent industries. Well-developed flow process strictly followed the ISO9000, ISO13485 and ISO16949 guidance, has been implemented throughout the whole production process to ensure the quality of products.

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